Street Smarts Video Study

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The Street Smarts Video Study, taught by Gregory Koukl, helps Christians better engage in productive conversations with those who challenge their convictions on a variety of issues. A follow-up to Koukl’s bestselling Tactics, this video study focuses on revealing the fundamental flaws in common, current challenges to Christian beliefs and values, and through model questions and sample dialogues shows you how to implement individual strategies to expose those shortcomings. Designed to be used alongside the Street Smarts book and Street Smarts Study Guide, the Street Smarts Video Study is an ideal resource for group or individual use.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Getting Ready for the Street (33 min)

2 - Questions Keep You Safe (34 min)

3 - Intel for Navigating the Street (23 min)

4 - Atheism: The Best Explanation for the Way Things Are? (37 min)

5 - Evil: Atheism's Fatal Flaw (29 min)

6 - Jesus the Son, Christ the Savior (32 min)

7 - The Bible: Ancient Words, Ever True? (24 min)

8 - God: The Science Stopper? (29 min)

9 - Abortion: Only One Question (41 min)

10 - Marriage, Sex, Gender, and Common Sense (41 min)