3 Tough Questions

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3 Tough Questions

Greg will help you better understand some of the toughest issues in Christian teaching, questions you will encounter as you articulate the Christian worldview in your every day conversations. Make sure you have the answers to the three toughest questions. Titles Include:

Evil, Suffering, and the Goodness of God
What is evil and where did it come from? Why does God allow it and what is He doing about it? The reality of human suffering poses the most difficult question anyone can ask about a God who is both good and powerful. If God is absolutely powerful and ultimately good, He would deal with evil. Instead, He appears too frail to oppose it or too sinister to care, and no one can believe in a God like that.

Is One Way the Only Way?
The most offensive element of the Gospel and the most common objection to Christianity is the idea that Jesus is the only way. In this age of religious pluralism, it's the first claim jettisoned when Christian groups get the itch to become more "tolerant." Does the Bible teach Jesus is the only way? Why is Jesus the only way? What about other religions? Won't good, moral, sincere people go to heaven, too?

The Heathen and the Unknown God
If hearing the name of Jesus is the crux of salvation, entire cultures would be consigned to perdition, reducing the Almighty to a petty racist. Is this just? In this teaching, Greg will force you to rethink some of your notions about God's love and His justice. He will challenge the whole concept of man's noble pursuit of God and the assumption that people go to hell just because they never heard the name of Jesus.