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Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?

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Our childrens' science textbooks are replete with inaccurate information about evolution. Even if you believe evolution to be a working theory, this book will enlighten you to many fallacies put forth in modern day classrooms--fallacies that have been proven wrong, inaccurate, or simply inappropriate as proof. Using non-Christian, non-religious language, and supporting himself with information gleaned from myriad sources (many from evolutionists themselves refuting the erroneous examples) he breathes fresh air into the arguments against what is being taught and gives voice to those who strive for the teaching of truth in our schools.

Covering all the major 'pillars' of evolution chosen by evolutionists (at one time or another, and now perpetuated by the textbooks' authors) as exemplary, Dr. Wells walks the reader through the proposition of each paradigm, inherent problems in the model, and attempts to resolve the issue. The issues covered here are the Miller-Urey experiment, Darwin's tree of life, the apparent homology of vertebrate limbs, Haeckel's embryos, the archaeopteryx, peppered moths, Darwin's finches, four-winged fruit flies, fossil horses as evidence of directed evolution, and the ape-to-apeman-to-man evolutionary progression model.

The author also provides over 50 pages of his research notes, a critical review of ten modern biology textbooks as concerns the topics in this book, and 10 'warning labels' that can be used in address the errors by affixing them to the texts (provided the texts are ones personal property).