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Ambassador Basic Curriculum: Course Three

Ambassador Basic Curriculum: Course Three

The Ambassador Basic Curriculum consists of three self-study modules designed to help you build a foundation in the areas vital to every ambassador: knowledge, wisdom, and character. Accessible to anyone, the ABC program is key to devleoping the accurately informed mind, the artful method, and the attractive manner that will make you a high-impact agent of change for Christ.

Simply listen to the CDs and use the study notes (in printable PDF files), booklets, and online study tool to effortlessly master the material. When you've finished all three modules, we'll certify you as an STR Ambassador at either silver or gold levels, depending on your goals. We'll also send you a special STR lapel pin to recognize your accomplishment.* This course contains:
  • Why I'm Not an Evolutionist
  • The Bankruptcy of Moral Relativism
  • Abortion: Only One Question
  • Setting the Record Straight: The Bible and Homosexuality
  • Any Old God Won't Do
  • Jesus, the Only Way (booklet)
  • Online Study Tool Authentication Code
*At this time, the testing for the ABC Certification is unavailable.

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