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Bulletproof: Fortifying Young Minds with the Truth

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Bulletproof: Fortifying Young Minds with the Truth

Our young people are not being properly trained. Leading sociologist Christian Smith found the "vast majority" of American teenagers are "incredibly inarticulate about their faith, their religious beliefs and practices, and its meaning or place in their lives." Simply put, our youth know nothing about what they believe. In addition, Smith found that students primarily leave the faith because of intellectual skepticism or doubt. So they also don't know why they should believe. 

The church needs to wake up. In this series, Brett will lay out the cold hard facts about the current state of Christian youth. He examines the ongoing challenge of relativism, which continues to infect young minds. Finally, Brett lays out a practical strategy that any parent, church youth leader, or Christian educator can adapt to train their own students. Afterward, you'll be ready to help your students outthink the culture for the cause of Christ.

Titles include:
Who's Waiting for Your Kids?
20 Ideas for Worldview Training
How Relativism Infects Our Youth
• Also includes Brett's chapter (in PDF) from Apologetics for a New Generation