STR 20th Anniversary Conference

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This year marked the 20th anniversary of Stand of Reason and its mission of training Christian ambassadors. To commemorate the occasion, Biola University hosted a special two-day apologetics conference featuring stimulating lectures from all of the STR speakers, as well as from STR friends Craig Hazen, Sean McDowell, and Mary Jo Sharp. This high-quality DVD set includes the following presentations:

  • Greg Koukl: Still Standing
  • Craig Hazen: On Knowledge
  • Sean McDowell: Apologetics and Love
  • Mary Jo Sharp: Reasoning Clearly
  • Panel Discussion
  • Brett Kunkle: Who's Waiting for Your Kids?
  • Alan Shlemon: Compromise Is Not an Option
  • J. Warner Wallace: Cold-Case Christianity
Runtime: 320 minutes (approx.)